Leisure & Hospitality

Our range of stylish, long wear, low maintenance and functional floors are the best for making your customers feel warm and welcome. Our diverse palette is available to help you in selecting colours that not just make your customers feel welcome, but also resonate with your brand identity.

At N-CAP we aim to provide you with floors that  keep your space comfortable and attractive, while maintaining high safety standards without breaking the bank.

Sound insulated

Our purpose built floorings help keep noise to the minimum by helping to confine it to a certain space.


Our anti-static floorings repel electricity to prevent electrocution.


Our anti-stain solutions keep moisture at the surface so they are not absorbed and are easy to clean.


NCAP only offers the best quality and hard wear floorings.

Safety secured

We provide anti-slip floorings that are made from the safest materials.

Expert Installation Team

We are always up for a challenge, so we ensure that we are always able to deliver an outstanding service from fitting to finishing. Our team of professionals have years of installation experience in a vast range of commercial, educational and residential spaces.

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