Vinyls & Vinyl Tiles

High-quality synthetic floors like vinyl are an ideal choice for people with high standards and an appreciation for individual interior design. Vinyl floors are ideal for large spaces for a perfectly classy wooden and stone look in place of actual wood and stones which could be unsuitable and expensive. While offering a sophisticated look, our vinyl floors are astonishingly durable, dirt resistant, mould and mildew-resistant and able to handle the pressure of daily activities. Even when in contact with heavy moisture, our hard-wearing vinyl floors do not fade.

Vinyl tiles are fast and easy to install, as free-floating tiles, they do not need special tools or adhesive to hold firmly together. Our vinyl floorings are available in roll and tile form.

Sound insulated

Our purpose built floorings help keep noise to the minimum by helping to confine it to a certain space.


Our anti-static floorings repel electricity to prevent electrocution.


Our anti-stain solutions keep moisture at the surface so they are not absorbed and are easy to clean.

Safety secured

We provide anti-slip floorings that are made from the safest materials.


NCAP only offers the best quality and hard wear floorings.

Expert Installation Team

Our installation team is well-experienced,  asbestos-trained, DBS-checked and they are all CSCS card holders. We are guaranteed to deliver the highest level of professionalism and craftsmanship to cater to your specific needs.

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