Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom and pantry, linoleum floors are extremely sturdy, budget-friendly and easy to install. Linoleum floors are made from natural renewable materials such as linseed and cork powder, making them resilient to pressure. This means that they compress when pressure is applied to them, but they always bounce back. The manufacturing process also means that our linoleum floors hold their colours well without fading over time.

Linoleum floorings are a great eco-friendly choice as they are made from natural products recyclable.

Sound insulated

Our purpose built floorings help keep noise to the minimum by helping to confine it to a certain space.


Our anti-static floorings repel electricity to prevent electrocution.


Our anti-stain solutions keep moisture at the surface so they are not absorbed and are easy to clean.


NCAP only offers the best quality and hard wear floorings.

Expert Installation Team

Our installation team is well-experienced,  asbestos-trained, DBS-checked and they are all CSCS card holders. We are guaranteed to deliver the highest level of professionalism and craftsmanship to cater to your specific needs.

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